100 Mile Diet

MacKinnon. JB., Smith. A., 2007. The 100-Mile Diet. Vintage Canada Edition, Toronto, Canada.

This book is call the 100 mile diet a year of local eating by Alisa Smith and J.B Mackinnon. Alisa and J.B take turns writing a different month each so you get both of their views. The book is broken up into 12 chapter one chapter for each month, and with each month you get a recipe from herb tea to poached salmon with cream sauce. The book cover Alisa and J.B experiences on their struggle with not finding much local food in their supermarkets, having to rely on farmer’s markets, local farm and the fisherman’s market.

I have read months March to October so far and I plan to read the rest of the book. I find the book very interesting, I’m learning new facts every time I pick the book up and read a chapter. I was shocked to learn month June about how that most of seafood that caught on North American coast are being shipped to China to be processed then its imported back to USA and Canada, I can’t believe that it’s cheaper to ship our seafood to get processed then to have it processed in our country.

What I didn’t like about when everyone asked if they where getting bored yet. It’s not that hard to come up with different recipes even when you have a limited local diet. People are getting stuck in routine and to scared to try something new and different. We have become brainwashed by the big brand companies cause they don’t to lose you has a customer. So you go to a supermarket and by produce that comes from other parts of the world when you have it growing down the road from you locally.

This is a great story I would suggest friends and family to read this book. You learn a lot about the local farms around Vancouver that I had no that were there. The goal to get people to eat local, it doesn’t mean you have to do the 100 mile diet but it not that hard to eat local and support your farming neighbors.



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