The Triumph of Seeds

Hanson, T. 2015. The Triumph of Seeds. New York: Basic Books. p xiii-18; p55-80.

This book is about Thor Hanson who is a seed biologist. Thor share stories from his trips into Central America, to his trip in New Mexico to a coal bed looking for fossil seeds. This book has open my eyes on how a seed turns into a plant.

In the first part of the book he talks about  about going to Central America looking for new seeding or seed of the almendro tree Dipteryx panamensis.

 downloadThis is an almendro tree if your wondering, cause I was for sure wanted to know that the little seeding from pg 5 would grow into. The almendro tree can grow up to 150 ft tall and 10 ft around the trunk when matured. Also he talks about the avocados and how to grow them with tooth picks and in a glass of water. I have tried this has child with my dad, but mine always seem to rot. But reading this book makes me want to try my luck again with the avocado seed. Cause who wouldn’t want fresh avocado all year around mmm all the guacamole I could make and eat.


The next adventure with Thor we are in New Mexico at a coal bed, with Bill DiMichele.  Bill DiMichele is the curator of fossil plants for the Smithsonian. Coal beds are made of carbonized remains of an ancient swamp forest, all the plants from them where spore based plants. I couldn’t believe that one time spore based plants where as all the pines outside that you see every day driving to work or school. If you are wondering what what would of look like Thor say “Carboniferous: a steamy swamp festooned with huge, mossy-topped trees like something from a Dr.Seuss book, and populated by newt like amphibians larges as horse.” Now that would of been a sight to see.

I enjoyed how Thor talked about his experiences, on how a seed turns into a tree and the humor he puts into the book. I unfortunately didn’t get the last chapter read, but I will be finishing this book on my spare time and I believe others would enjoy this book as well.


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