The Potato of Desire

Pollan, M. (2001). The Botany of Desire: A Plant’s Eye View of the World. New York: Random House.
This week blog for plants and people is chapter four of The Botany of Desire; The Potato.
In the chapter Pollan starts in his garden planting the new leaf potato by Monsanto corporation. The new leaf potato has been genetically engineered to produce it own insecticide. So they won’t be attacked by the Colorado potato beetle.
Pollen also was growing other types of potatoes in his garden, had half dozen of different types of potatoes,  one type in his garden was ancient heirloom Peruvian blue potatoes. I have had these potatoes before they are yummy and when you cut into them they are blue on the inside. I was shocked the first time I had this I was wondering what my mother was feeding me, you get so used to the same old  all the time so as a kid your wondering should I eat this or be a pain and drive my mom crazy and not eating it but I eat it and it ever good it tasted like a normal potato but just blue.
Pollan also talked about the Irish and how they grew potatoes and they found they could grow these potatoes with minimum of labor or tools. Which they could feed themselves and not worry about the price of English wheat price going up. And when the English wheat harvest failed in 1794. The potato save them from a famine.
I found really neat to find out, I have family that came from Ireland so to learn what they had to go through.

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